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Counselling Services Bolton

Counselling Services Bolton

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Counselling Services Bolton

Based at Bridge house,the counselling team consists of 2 experienced female counsellors who have been working in health & educational settings since 1989. It offers a counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy service to both adults and young people in a confidential setting approximately 1 mile from Bolton town centre,and close to motorway networks to surrounding areas. Both therapists are practice mindfulness as a technique to help with general well being.

Personal & Relationship Counselling North west

We appreciate that many of us have times in our lives when it is difficult to cope, whether this is due to mental, emotional or physical problems, and so we offer the person the opportunity to be listened to and to explore a variety of coping strategies and interventions within their every day lives.

Our relationship counselling services can help you and your partner talk through and overcome your problems and differences. This is carried out through a combination of 1:1 and joint sessions.

Anger Management/Anxiety/Depression Counselling Greater Manchester

If you are suffering due to emotions that you feel you cannot control, then our integrative or CBT counselling approach could offer the help that you require.The 2 counsellors are fully trained in CBT and other interventions which will support you to  gain a clearer view of your issues at a pace that suits you!

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